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What We Do

A     Coach Students

  • Aid learning by teaching learning skills to pupils and Students in Schools and at Home.
  • Help Children organize their learning process and motivate them to learn.
  • Help with Teens behavioral issues like substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, nudity etc.

B     Coach Teachers

  • Train Teachers on delivery methods that guarantee understanding and mastery of subject as well as Classroom Management.

C     Enhance Performance

  • Organize Competitions & Workshops.
  • Distribute Learning Materials.
  • Accounting Software Training
  • Website Design vs Web Development

D     Wealth Creation

  • Skill Acquisition.
  • Leadership Development and Management.
  • Marketing and Service Delivery.

Market Research

Market research is another unique product that Trail Blazers Club offers. Our function is to provide information to management so that it can identify and react to marketing opportunities and challenges.

Trail Blazers Club does more than consumer survey in its market research.

Our Scope includes:

  • Product Research – product research is concerned with the design, development and testing of new products as well as improvement of existing one. It also examines whether the quality of a new product conforms to the desired attributes.
  • Sales Research – As the name implies, sales research is concerned with all the selling activities of the firm compared to that of its competitors. It examines various sales outlets in the light of their performance in terms of sales. This also comprise the introduction of a new or existing product in the market for sale and data collection.
  • Customers Research – The firm may like to know whether its customers are satisfied with its product and to what extent. Similarly customer research can provide customers suggestions when they feel certain deficiency or when they would like to have some improvement in the product.
  • Pricing Research – Regardless of the nature of business, every firm has to decide what price is to be fixed for its goods and services. Pricing is one of the major factors that affect the success of the firm. We help you determine the right price for a good or service.
  • Administration and Management.

Book Keeping and Accounting Services

Book keeping and accounting will determine to what extend your business grows and expands. Trail Blazers Club assists Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), Schools and Individuals keep proper record of all their transactions, process them for decision making by Stakeholders.

Other Services in the range of administration and management are financial management – investment, decision, financing decision, purchase decision and goal setting and business strategy formulation.