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Promiscuity is characterized by or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis. Sexual promiscuity is a risky behavior at any age. Teen’s sexual promiscuity is a warning sign that any family or school need to pay attention to and take seriously. The behavior can be a cry for help from a trouble child. Children and teens who engage in sexual promiscuity often use this behavior to mask other serious issues. When a child is young they learn their self-worth by the way they are treated by their family and other people who surround them.

If a child is loved, made to feel safe and secured by those in their family circle and who they are closest to outside their family circle then they will feel good about themselves and will developed a healthy self-esteem.

If a child is not loved, pushed aside and neglected, or is physically or sexually abused, by a family member, friend of the family, or a stranger, then there is a good chance that they will develop a low self-worth. If a child’s parent separate or divorce and there is an absent parent who is not seen very often especially in the case of a missing father, a child develop a low self-worth.

Causes of Sexual Promiscuity

  • Low self-esteem – many children who engage in sexual activities suffer from low self-esteem. This can be caused by depression, abuse, anxiety, or myriad other issues. A child with low self-esteem is often looking for that missing love, they are looking for someone to make them feel good, to make them feel wanted, accepted and needed. Children who have been sexually abused or raped, even fall into the same deep pit of thinking themselves worthless and are looking for someone to make them fell worthy of being loved instead of abused. If parents or a professional are not available to supply this emotional need what happen is, these children start having sexual relationship in their early teens. The end up mistaken sex for love, caring, friendship and security. These teenagers believe in err that they are getting what they are missing in their lives from sex. It is unfortunate because what they get is deeper problems with their self-esteem from knowing that they are promiscuous but feel unable to stop because they do not understand the cycle of psychological damage they are doing to themselves. They need to know what is missing is self-esteem and that sex cannot feel the void. The teenager or even adult who faces the issue of promiscuity need to face the problem by seeking counseling to get to the bottom of the issue why he or she has low self-esteem, and then they can build on their self-esteem and realize that sex does not equal acceptance, and does not fill any void left behind by abuse or absence.
  • Display of Defiance – teens can also use this behavior as a display of defiance to the family, parent or societal norms. The key to treating sexual promiscuity is to look pass the behavior and address the underlying issues that causes it.
  • Desire To Be Accepted By Peers -teens think everybody is having sex. The movies industries portray sex as harmless , the fashion industry magnify sex in their modern designs of cloths, advertisement of company products carry sexy figures and scene, music artist and those performing in dance uses the ass, hips, and breast more to perform. These acts make promiscuity appear acceptable.
  • Misconception that having sex makes one and adult to be respected.
  • Misconception that sex makes one famous and popular.
  • A believe that sex will keep their partner interested in them and will provide the love they need /crave.
  • Media influence such as television, pone magazines, and internet.
  • Over strict parents increase the chance of promiscuity when the opportunity arises.


Sex is a special relationship that is supposed to be saved to be shared between a man and wife on their marriage night after they married keeping themselves only for each other just as God ordained it. Having this beautiful occasion and relationship shattered by an act of low self-esteem, reacting for an answer to a psychological problem is a shame. If you are promiscuous there is a reason and you can bet that if you look back into your past you will find that you suffer from low self-esteem and you will find out why. I urge you to see a councilor before you ruin your reputation, your physical health from an STD, and your mental health. You will never be whole until you stop this vicious cycle of self-injurious behavior- PROMISCUITY.


Teenage pregnancy is what we hear about most when we talk about teens having sex. Each year there are around Eight Hundred and Fifty (850,000) thousand girls between the age of fifteen and nineteen that become pregnant in the United State. Even more alarming is that the statistics show that about twenty thousand girls under fourteen years become pregnant annually and around eight thousand of these girls give birth which means  that there are tens of thousands of abortion been performed on children under the age of fourteen. This awareness is important for the Nigerian Teens and teens around the world.

Abortion being performed at all is a tragedy for the baby that dies and the mother who lives with the knowledge of what she did the rest of her life. Either way it is a double edge sword, you either have a very young child raising a baby without the maturity and knowledge necessary to do it, or a baby being killed. Those who choose to have their babies are forced to grow up too fast giving up any chance of being a normal teen, and a young adult who can go to college and get skills to own a company or get employed to work for a company because they both have to support the new life. Without the maturity required, how do you build a family as a teen?


This is an integral part of our program. Working in small groups with peers, teen begin to understand why they act out sexually and the consequences of this behavior. They then learn positive nondestructive ways of dealing with their emotions and the underlying causes of promiscuity. We also use a group process model that focuses on positive peer culture- respect, decent dressing, understanding and taking responsibility for your action.

Parent or teacher involvement is a key to successful treatment. As parents provide the basic needs of the teens their cooperation and commitment are critical to achieve long lasting result in teens –creating time to enjoy activities like cooking, laundry, playing and studying the bible. T.B.C. encourages and support  your involvement in your teens therapeutic program by:

i holding frequent family conferences (session)

ii holding open house and other types of family-oriented activities like watching T.B.C. TV programs together.

iii Encourages periodic parents overnight stay with the teen in their room. We know what you will miss not using your other room but the goal in view is equally satisfying and pleasurable to see your teen develop into a responsible adult.



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